Hello, my name is Valeriya. I love taking photos of happy people and catch real emotions in the moment. My mission are to find light inside each person and bring it out through my photography.
My creative path and love of fine arts have appeared in my childhood. I always loved to draw. I graduated from an Art school where I studied pictorial art, graphics, drawing. In the last classes of my education in school, I had a retro film camera. At that point, I developed a deep love for photography and so began my romance with photography. As I began my career as a photographer I began to study in the university for the profession of a Graphic Designer. After four years of study, I get a Bachelors’s Degree in my chosen field of Art study. During my studies, I started getting my first orders for photo sessions, and every year I received more and more orders. I took classes in reportage photography and in wedding photography. By the end of my studies and graduation, I clearly understood what I wanted to do with my professional and creative future. I started to grow a fondness towards photography and the entire process of my work. Meeting new people, traveling to different locations to find spots for photoshoots and editing the photos, creating family albums. So far 13 years have passed and seems like there is no end in sight. My main interest is LifeStyle with a bit of magic and portrait photography. I also have a great passion to open up their true self show their best traits through my photos. I enjoy creating family photo archives, come up with unique artistic ideas for every individual I work with. I am happy when my clients are happy.
Call me or write me and we will come up with something unforgettable together!


Telephone +14158768147

e-mail: gusevaphoto.com@yandex.ru

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